Saxophone Equipment

My Saxophone Recommendations

Alto Saxophone 

Get The Pro Set Up for Your Alto Saxophone 

Recommendations are suitable for beginners and classical saxophone set-up. This is what I play on for my Classical set-up. 

Alto Saxophone Reeds 

Jazz Mouthpieces 

Vandoren Saxophone Reeds 

Alto Saxophone Strength 2.5 for Adult Beginners 

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For your Classical Or Beginners Set Up. 

Alto Saxophone Reeds 

Classical & Beginner 

Vandoren Java Jazz Saxophone Reeds 

Strength 3.5 for Intermediate Saxophone Players 

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For Your Jazz Set Up.

Buy Tenor Saxophone Reeds 

Tenor Saxophone Reeds 

Vandoren Tenor Saxophone Reeds 

Vandoren Reeds  – Blue Box 

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Tenor Saxophone Jazz Reeds 

Vandoren Java – Jazz Tenor Saxophone Reeds 

Java Jazz Tenor Saxophone Reeds –  

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Buy Soprano Saxophone Reeds and Mouthpiece 

Soprano Saxophone Reeds 

Vandoren Java Jazz Saxophone Reeds – Soprano Saxophone 

Soprano Saxophone Jazz Reeds Recommendations  

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Soprano Saxophone Classical & Beginner Reeds 

Buy Play Along CDs & Music for Alto Saxophone 

Music with Play Along CDs 

As you progress on your online Saxophone Course you might like to start looking at some new music. Here are some of my recommendations. I would start with the ballads for beginners, they are a bit tricky but no way near as hard as the others. I will be launching a course on how to read music and hopefully I can help you through this a bit. You can always book in a 1 2 1 with me if you want some more assistance with music you would like to look at. These books are great, the CDs sound good and it is nice to have something to play along to. 

Alto Saxophone Play Along CDs – Get the entire set here! 

Tenor Saxophone Music with Backing Tracks 

Learn to Read Music 

Learn to read music with Grade 1 Theory, a great book to complement your saxophone music learning. 

Saxophone Clip-on Microphone for Live Performances 

I recommend Sennheizer wireless pack to go with this mic or plug it straight in to the mixer if you are happy for it to be a wired mic. 

Clip On Vocal Mic for Recording Tutorial / Broadcast Videos 

If you are looking for a great mic to record speech whilst filming I highly recommend this. I use it for all of my videos.