Saxophone Set Up


Hi Guys, getting the correct set up for your instrument will really help with your learning. The right equipment really does make all the difference to the ease and enjoyment of playing. I have created this page for you which show all of my recommendations and direct links for you to buy the equipment you […]

Bonus Course – Practising Without Your Instrument


A few of you have been asking how to practise without your instrument. You will be surprised to hear how much that can be done without your instrument. In this course I will show you how to practise with just your mouthpiece and other things that can be done without any equipment. In this course […]

Practise with Sarah


Access the practise videos from your courses here, available for your ease. Many more coming soon!

Learn To Play Baker Street

Learn To Play Baker Street

The most requested Sax song EVER! I have twelve tutorial videos carefully crafted, jam packed with knowledge on how to play Baker Street! In this step by step tutorial I will take you through all the notes and techniques you need for learning to play this song. Complete with tips from the pros and scales for […]

Beginners Course 2 – Rhythm & Music Learning


Once you have conquered your foundations course and beginners 1 it is time to progress onto Rhythm and Music learning with your beginners course 2. Put the practise in and you will see yourself improve.

Beginners Course 1 – Complete Your Foundations Course First


This course is a direct follow on from your Foundations Course. We have new scales, new notes and we move on to performing When The Saints Go Marching In. We have practise videos so you can play along with me and help making practise feel a little more enjoyable. Tag me in your performances from […]

Saxophone Foundation Course


Suitable for complete beginners or anyone looking to brush up on their technique. Learn how to get started right from the beginning, ensuring your foundations are set. This course consists of 15 online tutorial videos with practice guidance, complete with learning your very first piece on the saxophone.