Your Saxophone Set Up and Equipment

Getting the right set up for your saxophone and any instrument is crucial. Not only will it help you create a great sound it will also make your life a lot easier when it comes to playing. It will in turn make it a lot more enjoyable for you.

Here are a list of recommendations I have put together for you. 

I play on Selmer Mk VI for my soprano and love it and a Buffet S1 for my alto saxophone.

There are an array of beginners – advanced instruments I recommend. Feel free to tag me on instagram and we can discuss the right instrument for you.

Getting Started on the Saxophone

If you are looking to get started but do not want to buy an instrument outright you can hire the instrument from most good local instrument shops. If you then decide to buy the instrument the cost of the hire of the saxophone is then used to buy the instrument so no money is wasted.

Learning How to Set Up Your Saxophone

Getting the saxophone set up properly is an essential part of learning to play the saxophone. I highly recommend my tutorials, the walk you through every step up of the way from setting up your instrument properly to creating your first sound. If you are a fan of Baker Street Saxophone Solo then you have this to look forward to and work towards in my tutorials. Opt for the gold package and you get online support and one lesson a month with me. You can add saxophone lessons to your package at any moment during your course.

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